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The stage of camera matching is certainly where we get our most concentrated exposure to the details of Riven’s original images, exposing some of the mistakes and odd anomalies that dot the images. For example, in an image standing by the boiler’s controls, looking up towards the pump system, you can see towards the lower left of the screen the handle of the paper press, an object that was intended to be completely removed from the game before it was released. (The image’s filename is “287_bislandcrater.1590.png”, for those interested enough to look for it.)

All of this work will culminate to a set of guideline meshes which will span the island and make the final asset creation that much more accurate and streamlined. Camera matching, while tedious and time consuming on its own, stands as an integral part of the process. It allows a level of loyalty and exacting similarity to the original not available by any other means.

(The Starry Expanse Project is a collaborative attempt to create a realtime 3D port of Riven: The Sequel to Myst.)

via Dev Blog | The Starry Expanse

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