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January 17 2017

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Das Kissen des Wissens via islieb.de
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January 13 2017

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January 12 2017


It's wonderful when an article helps someone. Maybe it was the right time, the right place, they were in the right mindset and they saw the right analogy. I'm happy for them. Maybe I can learn to do more articles like it.

Sometimes someone hates an article. They found it boring, or confusing, or they didn't have the right background, or were expecting something else. That's too bad, and maybe a different approach will help them.

But "Another person loved it" and "Another person hated it" aren't in your control. Put in an honest effort and separate your sense worth from the outcome. (Like playing poker: the right play can still lose, the wrong play can still win.)

You'd think the "no blame, no praise" mindset removes joy, but it doesn't -- my feelgood list is ever growing! I'm vicariously happy when someone enjoys an article for the simple reason they enjoyed it. Their Aha! makes me smile. It's "I feel good" not "I am finally good".

Life Lessons After 10 Years of BetterExplained.com – BetterExplained
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January 11 2017

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January 09 2017

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January 04 2017

The next morning, Igor is awakened by a light flick across the nose by a wall clock invented by his father as a joke.

“In the Year 2017”, Diafilm / V. Strukova and V. Shevchenko, 1960
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December 22 2016


December 12 2016

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November 24 2016

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November 18 2016

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Frankie Reyes - La Comparsa - Boleros Valses y Mas - YouTube

November 03 2016

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via KFMW
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October 31 2016

Aguirre Wrath of God - Tiny Silky Anteater! - YouTube

October 27 2016

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tandem unicycle - YouTube
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October 09 2016

Synchronicity (Thailand) | robin meier

September 20 2016

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September 09 2016

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